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The 907SMRT-V2 and 907SMRT-V3 are a standalone high idle control unit for 2019-2024 Sprinter.

Once installed, the high idle can be activated by using the parking brake or parking brake + switch. When high idle is activated, the RPM can be adjusted using turn signal stalk.


No tools specified.

    • For high idle, the engine must be running and vehicle must be in park

    • The parking brake must be engaged for parking brake to work

    • For vehicles with the electronic parking brake, the parking brake should be activated whenever the vehicle is in park

    • The 907SMRT-V2 can be used with or without a switch, depending on how it is installed. Please consult with your installer to determine how the system was installed.

    • If system was installed with use of a switch, you must turn that switch to the ‘on’ position for high idle to work (if parking brake is engaged)

    • If system was installed for use without the switch (purple trigger wire connected to ground), the parking brake will activate the high idle

    • When activated, the control module will set the idle to 1500RPM. The idle RPM can then be adjusted up or down using the turn signal stalk

    • To decrease RPMs, push the turn signal stalk down (left turn signal)

    • To increase RPMs, push the turn signal stalk up (right turn signal)

    • To turn high idle off, disengage parking brake or turn switch to off position (if applicable)

    • If foot brake is pressed, the control module will shutdown the high idle automatically

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