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The SKSNG Next Generation SmartKey Starter is compatible with the Directed Smart Start

Use this guide for installing the Directed Smart Start to any SKSNG module'''

Compatible Models:

  • SKSNG204D3
  • SKSNG204D4
  • SKSNG204D4T
  • SKSNG221D3
  • SKSNG166D3
  • SKSNG166D4
  • SKSNG166D4T
  • SKSNG197D3
  • SKSNG190D4
  • SKSNG205D4
  • SKSNG222D4
  • SKSNG907
  • SKSNG907RV
  • SKSNG447D4T

Please note: if you are installing Smart Start with an SKSNG907 or SKSNG907RV and Directed alarm, connect the Smart Start to the Directed alarm.

    • This guide assumes the SmartKey Starter® is installed and operational

    • Connect the 3 pin ESP plug from the Smart Start to the white 3 pin port labeled Smart Start on the SmartKey Starter module. This is the data connection for the Smart Start

    • The SKSNG907 & SKSNG907RV has 2 modules. Use the module labeled SmartKey Starter for these connections

    • If using an XL202 to add Directed RF remotes, the D2D port on the SmartKey Starter® will be used for the XL202- therefore power and ground for the Smart Start will need to be hardwired. You can connect power/ground to the T-harness of the SmartKey Starter®

    • Cut or de-pin the data wires (blue and white) on the D2D plug from the Smart Start

    • Connect the D2D plug from the Smart Start into the 4 pin white port labeled D2D on the SmartKey Starter® module. This is the power and ground connection for the Smart Start

    • The D2D cable from the Smart Start must only be used for power and ground from the SmartKey Starter®. If the data wires are connected, the Smart Start will not work properly

    • Do not cut any loops or ground any wires for the Smart Start. Only connect the 3 pin ESP and the 4 pin D2D (with data wires removed) to the SmartKey Starter®

    • Activate and test Smart Start per Directed instructions

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