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The SKSXC is a remote start interface that connects to the Volvo telematics module in the passenger side kick.

The installation requires four (4) connections to the telematics harness.

  • CAN high
  • CAN low
  • Power
  • Ground

Optional connection: Compustar Drone telematics module for smart phone integration and GPS services

Optional connection: Compustar RF remote antenna for external remotes using Compustar FTD100 adapter

Standalone, the SKSXC will work using the factory key fob (3X lock)


XC40 2018-2019

XC60 2017-2019

XC90 2015-2019

S60 2019

S90 2017-2019

Note: any current body style Volvo should work with the SKSXC if OEM telematics is available with remote start. We are in the process of validating more models and model years and will update this list as we do.

    • Remove plastic trim cover along passenger door sill

    • Pull back flooring carpet

    • Access taped harness which goes from kick area to door

    • Cut section of tape and remove so that wires in harness can be accessed

    • Identify twisted pair of purple / white and purple / green wires from factory harness

    • There may be two (2) twisted pair of purple/white and purple/green wires in the factory harness. Either set may be used. Be sure to use the same wires from the same set (do not use one wire from one set and another wire from the other twisted set).

    • Connect purple/white wire from SKSXC harness to purple/white wire from factory harness

    • Connect purple/green wire from SKSXC harness to purple / green wire from factory harness

    • Be sure to solder and insulate all connections

    • Locate red wire in harness

    • Connect red wire from SKSXC harness to red wire from vehicle harness

    • Be sure to solder and insulate all connections

    • Locate black / white wire connected to bolt next to door jam

    • Connect black wire from SKSXC harness to black / white wire at bolt

    • Be sure to solder and insulate all connections

    • You may also use a ring terminal to connect SKSXC ground wire to bolt

    • Plug SKSXC module into SKSXC wiring harness

    • Ensure that vehicle is in a safe location to start engine

    • Close all doors (all doors AND windows must be completely closed for remote start to work).

    • It is important to test before re-assembling vehicle in case any troubleshooting needs to be performed

    • From outside vehicle, press lock button on key fob three (3) times

    • If the fuel in the vehicle is < 1/4 tank, the remote start will not work

    • The vehicle will allow for two (2) remote starts between key cycles of at least two (2) minutes. Ignition must be on with key (manual start or key takeover after remote start).

    • All doors AND windows must be completely closed for remote start to work

    • With remote start on, unlock and enter vehicle with key

    • Press foot brake and rotate turn-to-start clockwise (ignition). Instrument cluster will turn on.

    • Test gear shift. If gear shifts, key takeover has been performed.

  1. Open hood
    • Open hood

    • Step outside vehicle and close all doors (leave hood open)

    • Attempt to remote start using 3X lock on the key fob

    • Verify that remote start does not turn on

    • Close hood

    • Plug Compustar Drone into grey port on SKSXC module

    • Activate Drone at

    • Ensure that blue and green LEDs on Drone are both flashing

    • Setup Drone module/account on mobile application in accordance with Drone quick-start instructions (or go to test site if you are a Compustar dealer).

    • Close all doors and lock vehicle using key fob. Remote start will not work unless all doors are closed and vehicle is locked.

    • Open Drone mobile application or login to Drone on web browser and press 'START' button. Vehicle should start.

    • Connect one side of blue cable of Compustar adapter into gray port on SKSXC module

    • Connect remaining side of blue cable into blue port on adapter cable

    • Plug antenna cable into corresponding blue 4 or 6 pin port on adapter cable

    • To program remotes, cycle the ignition on and off(using push to start dial) 5X. OEM horn will sound indicating programming mode is entered. Hit lock on each Compustar RF remote being programmed (starting with 2-way if applicable)

    • If antenna has programming button, press programming button on antenna after 5th ignition cycle

    • Once RF remotes are programmed (see previous step), test remote start/stop, lock/unlock from external RF remotes

    • Tape factory harness and make sure all connections are soldered and insulated

    • Securely mount SKSXC and Drone / RF antenna (if applicable). Recommended location is above factory module in kick

    • Move carpet back to original position

    • Replace plastic trim cover

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