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by Mid City Support


Use this guide for the EIS jumper modification for the following SKUs:




This modification is required for the above SKUs. Professional installation is and substantial board-level soldering experience is required. If needed, Mid City Engineering or a distributor will perform the modification. Please contact Mid City Engineering at 312-421-1114 for more information.

    • Remove 2 screws on back of EIS housing

    • Carefully open EIS housing

    • Before beginning this modification, be sure that you are using a temp. controlled soldering iron and have substantial board-level soldering. This procedure deals with sensitive components.

    • Add solder to contact near optical sensor

    • Do not overheat. Damage to optical sensor and other components is risked.

    • Attach wire to pin that was inserted in last step

    • Solder other end of wire to contact where solder was added near optical sensor in step 3

    • Use hot glue to secure wire in place

    • Drill hole in rear cover of EIS to route cable

    • Route bare end of cable through hole drilled in previous step. The bare wires will be connected to board

    • Apply glue and adhere cable in place on board of EIS

    • Put additional glue on top of cable to further secure in place

    • Add solder to contacts where cable will be connected to board of EIS

    • Solder yellow wire to contact

    • Solder blue wire to contact on board

    • Add solder to next contact point

    • Solder black wire to contact in previous step

    • Add solder to two (2) additional locations on board

    • Solder red wire to contact point

    • Solder green wire to contact

    • Add solder to additional point

    • Solder white wire to contact

    • Use additional glue to secure wires to board

    • Carefully put board and cylinder back in housing and re-assemble case and screws

    • Testing modifications to confirm functionality

    • Seal hole with glue

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