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by Noah Thatcher


The ECO-PCM or ECO-V2 OBD programmer are used to program save last mode for Mercedes Benz vehicles with auto start/stop.

Once programmed, the vehicle will save the last setting for the start/stop eco mode.

For example, if the start/stop eco mode is left in the off position before shutting off the vehicle, the eco start/stop will be in the off setting the next time the vehicle is started.

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Note: the OBD programmer is for use in 1 vehicle. Once the programmer is used, it can only be used in the same vehicle.

Attention: The OBD programmer should be removed after use. Do not start engine or drive vehicle with OBD programmer installed.


No tools specified.

    • Turn ignition on (without starting, by pressing the push button 2X (without foot on brake). Or insert key and turn to 2nd position

    • Before plugging in programmer, turn ignition off and open and close the door

    • Plug in OBD programmer

    • Try to plug OBD programmer into port within 7 seconds of turning ignition off and opening and closing the door

    • Turn ignition on (without starting) by pressing the push to start button 2X (without foot on brake) or inserting key and turning to the 2nd position

    • When ignition is turned on with OBD programmer plugged in, the LED inside the programmer case will turn on (visible through opening in the case)

    • When the programming sequence is complete, the LED inside the case will turn off

    • If the LED has not turned off within 5 minutes, try repeating steps 1-3 and attempt to plug in OBD programmer quicker after turning ignition off in step 2

    • Once programming is complete, turn off ignition and open and close door


    • Once programming is complete, remove OBD programmer. Keep in a safe place for re-use if vehicle ever needs to be programmed again.

    • Make sure that OBD programmer is removed before testing

    • Start engine

    • Turn auto start/stop (eco) off manually (if not off already)

    • Shut off engine

    • Restart engine and check auto start/stop setting and confirm it retained last setting

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