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Valet mode should be enabled any time the vehicle is being serviced or is in a condition where it should not be started remotely. This guide instructs on how to disable valet mode (remote start on).

For instructions on enabling valet mode (remote start off) see guide here: How To Put SKSNG907 or SKSNG907RV in Valet Mode for Vehicles Without VOL / MUTE Buttons On Steering Wheel

A subset of 907 Sprinters do not have volume and mute buttons on the steering wheel. For those vehicles, the SKSNG menu cannot be accessed. This guide demonstrates an alternative way to turn valet mode on and off (remote start on/off).

For Sprinters with volume and mute buttons on the steering wheel or passenger vehicles with an SKSNG module installed, please refer to this guide here: Instructions for Putting SKSNG in Valet Mode (Remote Start Off)

    • Enter vehicle and sit in driver seat.

    • Make sure all doors are closed

    • Press push button start once without foot on the brake

    • Vehicle will go to ACC (first position)

    • On the left hand side of the steering column there is a stalk used for turn signals and wipers. This stalk will be used to turn valet mode on/off (remote start on/off)

    • To turn valet mode off (remote start on) push the stalk on the left side of the steering column forward (toward front of vehicle) and up (towards roof). Hold down for 3 seconds (parking lights will flash).

    • Press push to start button twice to turn vehicle completely off

    • Open and close the driver door

    • Press lock-unlock-lock to test remote start to confirm that it works

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