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by Noah Thatcher


It is recommended that the SKSNG907 or SKSNG907RV SmartKey Starter® be bypassed when performing any software updates or mechanical service.

It is also recommended that the SmartKey Starter® be bypassed as a standard practice for troubleshooting any issues with the vehicle.

The SmartKey Starter® is 100% plug & play and bypassing it is a simple procedure. This guide demonstrates how to easily bypass the system.

The system is connected by a T-harness to both the EIS and PCM modules- both in the driver side under-dash. The system can be bypassed by simply disconnecting the SmartKey Starter® T-harness and plugging the chassis harness back into the EIS and PCM.

To make bypassing the system easier, we have developed a set of jumpers that, when used, will completely bypass the SKSNG907 or SKSNG907RV. Rather than disconnecting the T-harness, the modules can be un-plugged and replaced with the jumpers. It is possible to mount the modules in a position where the jumpers can be installed to bypass the system in as little as 2 minutes. Instructions for using the jumpers can be found here: How to Bypass SKSNG907 / SKSNG907RV SmartKey Starter® Using Jumpers

If you would like to be sent jumpers for bypassing a system, please email with your software version and address and a set of jumpers will be sent to you.

If you are servicing the vehicle and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 312-421-1114 or - we are happy to assist in any way.

    • Pull back weather seal from driver door jam

  1. Using a pry tool, remove panel between A pillar and kick panel.
    • Using a pry tool, remove panel between A pillar and kick panel.

    • Remove the 2 x T20 screws from the sill cover

    • Remove sill cover and carefully set aside

    • Remove 1 x T20 from below hood release

    • Remove 1 x T20 from lower kick panel

    • Remove plastic push fastener next to knee bolster

    • Remove plastic push pin from kick panel (behind hood release)

    • Remove 3rd plastic push fastener from kick panel

    • Remove kick panel.

    • Route hood release through kick panel opening

    • Be careful of OBD harness

    • Disconnect OBD harness

    • Carefully route hood release through opening and set trim piece panel aside

    • Locate PCM module behind pedals

    • Un-plug the black plug from T-harness that is plugged into PCM module

    • Un-plug black OEM plug that is connected to T-harness

    • Plug black OEM plug back into the PCM module

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