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by Noah Thatcher


This guide provides step by step installation and operation instructions for installing a remote start on the Mercedes Metris 2016-2019. The remote start includes basic alarm and can be integrated with Compustar Drone/ Directed Smart Start for smart phone control, Compustar /Directed RF remotes, and a Compustar DAS sensor for added security.

Installation requires the following steps:

-Removal of the EIS

-EIS modification. Note: we highly reccomend that the EIS be send to Mid City Engineering for modification. If you wish to perform modification, please contact us at 312-421-1114 or for more information


-Compustar Drone connection

-Compustar RF remote connection

-Compustar DAS sensor connection

    • Remove bezel around radio

    • Reach through cavity to left of radio grab EIS

    • The EIS has one tab on the top and one tab on the bottom- squeeze the tabs toward the middle of the cylinder and pull EIS out of dash towards hood

    • Remove EIS from dash and un-plug green 12 pin plug

    • Remove blue 8 pin plug

    • The SKSNG447D4T requires an EIS modification. It is highly reccomended that the EIS be sent to Mid City Engineering for modification

    • If you wish to perform modification without sending Mid City Engineering the EIS, please call 312-421-1114 or email for more information

    • Plug 8 pin factory blue plug that was removed EIS into 8 pin blue socket on supplied T-harness

    • Plug 12 pin factory green plug that was removed EIS into 12 pin green socket on supplied T-harness

    • Plug 12 pin green plug from T-harness into 12 pin socket on rear of EIS

    • Plug 8 pin blue plug from T-harness into 8 pin socket on rear of EIS

    • Connect 20 pin connector from T-harness to 20 pin connector on SKSNG module

    • Plug 2 pin white plug from supplied key box to 2 pin white connector on SKSNG module

    • Route EIS through left side of radio cavity and into dash

    • Make sure that doors are closed and vehicle is in safe position to start

    • On factory key fob hit ‘lock-unlock-lock’

    • From inside vehicle with all doors closed, hit ‘lock’ on OEM fob

    • Parking lights should flash 3 times and the doors should lock

    • Open door from inside handle- siren should sound and parking lights should flash

    • Use zip ties to mount key box module and NG module together

    • Mount harnessing and module

    • Be sure to mount module away from any heat sources or moving parts

    • A Compustar DAS sensor can be added for shock, tilt, and vehicle movement security. This will integrate into the alarm included with the starter

    • Plug 4 pin cable from DAS sensor into 4 pin red plug on SKSNG module

    • Mount DAS sensor per Compustar instructions

    • Lock doors with OEM key fob

    • Apply impact to vehicle chassis - siren should alarm

    • A Compustar RF remote and antenna kit can be added for external control of remote start, alarm, and door locks.

    • Plug Compustar antenna cable into 4 or 6 pin blue plug on SKSNG module

    • Insert key and cycle from ‘OFF’ to ‘IGNITION’ (2nd position) 5X (ending in the ‘OFF’ position)

    • After 5th cycle, hit the ‘LOCK’ button on each Compustar RF remote that is being programmed (programming 2-way remotes first)

    • Using Compustar RF fob, test lock, unlock and start controls

    • Connect 4 pin connector from Compustar Drone module to 4 pin black plug labeled ‘DRONE’ on the SKSNG module

    • Using Compustar Drone app, test lock, unlock and start controls

    • Replace bezel and vents around radio and clip into place

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