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by Noah Thatcher

    • To activate remote start using the factory key fob, press ‘lock-unlock-lock’ on the key

    • All doors must be closed for the remote start to work

    • For activation using smart phone control add-on (Compustar Drone or Directed Smart Start) or external RF remote, please refer to manual for Drone, Smart Start or external RF remote

    • The SKSNG907 has seamless key takeover- which means that after the vehicle is remote started, you can lock/unlock and enter the vehicle while the vehicle is running and shift into gear without any extra steps. After key takeover is performed, the engine will momentarily shut off and restart

    • After remote start, enter the vehicle and press the push to start button in the dash and press the brake pedal at the same time. As long as they key being used to operate the vehicle is present, the key will be authenticated and the parking lights will flash 3 times.

    • After the parking lights flash, the vehicle can be shifted into gear as normal

    • The SKSNG907 includes basic alarm with the ability to add a shock/tilt/vehicle movement sensor or a full external alarm

    • To arm and disarm the alarm, simply use the lock (arm) and unlock (disarm) buttons on the factory key fob- you can also arm and disarm the alarm using the smart phone control add-on and/or external RF remotes (if installed)

    • If the alarm is activated, the factory horn will sound and the parking lights will flash

    • If a full external external alarm is added, refer to the alarm manual

    • The SKSNG907 has an options menu in which settings can be changed. This menu also is used to put the system in valet mode (remote start off)

    • Enter vehicle, sit in driver seat and make sure all doors are closed. Put vehicle in accessory mode by pressing the push to start button one time without foot on the brake (key must be present)

    • Using steering wheel controls, put instrument cluster into the ‘RADIO’ menu (radio must be turned on).

    • To enter menu, press and hold the ‘MUTE’ button on the steering wheel for about 2 seconds until menu appears on the screen. The first menu option will read ‘REMOTE START: ON/OFF

    • When the first menu option appears, release the mute button. To change any option, press and release the MUTE button to toggle through the options for each setting. To scroll through the options, press and release the VOL - button until desired option is reached. To scroll back up through the options, press and release the VOL + button

    • When all options are changed to desired settings, wait 5 seconds and the menu will exit and auto save

    • To put the system in valet mode ‘remote start off,’ change the first option settings to ‘REMOTE START: OFF’

    • If the vehicle is not equipped with steering wheel controls, all settings can be changed using a PC and programmer. Contact Mid City Engineering at 312-421-1114 or for more information or for the programmer. If the vehicle does not have steering wheel controls, you can click here for valet mode instructions

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