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Minor Versionm

by Noah Thatcher


There are two modules which need to be installed:

  • OBD programmer module. This module should be removed after programming
  • CAN interface connected on passenger side using T-harness. Power and ground for this module can be connected to fuse box using provide Mercedes connector and ground bolt near door opening using provided ring terminal.

The high idle can be used with or without an on/off switch. A negative trigger input (purple wire) is provided to use for a switch. For high idle turn on, the purple wire must be grounded, the vehicle must be in park, and the parking brake must be engaged.

  • If you are using a switch to activate the high idle, connect the switch to the purple wire and chassis ground
  • If you are not using a switch to activate high idle, connect the purple wire directly to chassis ground

Click here for 907-SMRT-V2 operation instructions


No tools specified.

    • To make sure that CAN network is awake, turn ignition on (without OBD programmer plugged in)

    • To turn ignition on, press the push to start button 2X without your foot on the brake

    • Turn ignition off by pressing the push to start button 1X

    • Within 5 seconds of turning ignition off, plug OBD programmer in and turn ignition back on (without starting engine) by pressing the push to start button 2X without your foot on the brake

    • OBD programming process will happen automatically after ignition is turned back on.

    • When ignition is on, you will see all warning lights illuminated on the dash, if you do not see the warning lights illuminate, the vehicle is likely in ACC and not ignition.

    • There is an LED inside the OBD programmer case that will illuminate when it is plugged in. Once programming is complete, the LED will turn off

    • If LED begins to flash, the programmer has already been used and locked to another VIN. The OBD programmer is a 1 vehicle use programmer. Once used on a vehicle, it is locked to the VIN. The programmer can be used to program the same vehicle multiple times.

    • Once programming is complete, un-plug programmer from OBD port.

    • Do not start engine with OBD programmer plugged in

    • Using pry tool, remove panel at end of knee bolster

    • Remove two screws and panel and end of footwell

    • Turn plastic screws in counter clockwise

    • Remove panel

    • Pull back floor and remove fuse access panel

    • Pull back plastic floor

    • Remove one screw holding sill panel in place

    • Remove 2 plastic panel tabs

    • Pull back floor and remove sill panel

    • Pull out CAN B plug from SAM module

    • Remove white shroud from plug

    • Using pick tool, carefully remove brown (pin 7) and brown/red (pin 17) wires from CAN B plug

    • Pin provided brown wire into spot where factory brown wire was removed (pin 7)

    • Pin provided brown/red wire into spot where factory brown/red wire was removed (pin 17)

    • Be sure to pin CAN high/CAN low into spots where factory CAN high (pin 17)/CAN low (pin 7) were removed

    • Remove adapter from end of provided CAN plug. Factory CAN wires will be pinned into this plug

    • Insert factory brown/red CAN wire that was removed from CAN B plug into pin 1 on adapter

    • Insert factory brown CAN wire that was removed from CAN B plug into pin 2 on adapter

    • Plug adapter with factory wires into 2 pin CAN plug on provided harness

    • Make sure that factory brown and brown/red wires align with brown and brown/red wires on harness

    • Slide factory shroud over CAN B plug so that it can be plugged into the SAM module

    • Plug factory CAN B plug back into front SAM module

    • Remove bolt near door opening

    • Connect ring terminal from provided black wire on post

    • Replace bolt and tighten

    • Pin provided fuse terminal on red wire into open spot shown in video

    • Connect fuse to fuse terminal

    • Connect harness to interface module

    • Looking through end cap of interface make sure that red LED turns on with igniton

    • The provided purple wire is the negative input for high idle activation

    • Connect the purple wire to whichever trigger is being used to activate high idle

    • Parking brake must be engaged for high idle to work

    • Start engine and engage parking brake

    • Ground purple wire and confirm high idle activation

    • Securely mount module away from any moving parts or heat sources

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