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by Noah Thatcher


The SKSNG907 is a remote start and alarm kit for the 2019 Mercedes & Freightliner Sprinter (907)

Link to product here.

Out of the box, the remote start will work using the factory key fob (lock-unlock-lock). It will also include

OEM style alarm with no additional hardware. A Compustar DAS sensor can be plugged in to add shock/tilt/vehicle movement protection to the alarm. The alarm will use the factory horn and flash the parking lights. In addition, a full Compustar or Directed external alarm can be added.

For extended range, the Compustar Drone and Directed Smart Start can be added and will provide 2-way communication (including alarm notifications). All Compustar RF kits are compatible with the system and any Directed RF kit using an XL202 (XL202 not needed if using Directed external alarm).

The remote start & alarm installation for the SKSNG907 is 100% plug & play and requires the following steps:

  • T-harness connection at PCM module
  • T-harness connection at EIS module
  • Key box installation

There is also an kit (SKSNG907CRV) that also includes OEM style high idle and an optional external trigger for start / stop. Link to that produce here.


No tools specified.


    • Remove the 2 x T25 screws from the sill cover

    • Remove sill cover and carefully set aside

    • Remove 1 x T25 from below hood release

    • Pull back weather seal from driver door jam

    • Remove black cap next to knee bolster

    • Remove 1 x T25 screw from panel below A pillar

    • Remove plastic cap from trim panel below A pillar

    • Remove 2nd cap from back corner of trim piece below A pillar

    • Carefully unclip trim panel from below A pillar

    • Be cautious of hood release harness

    • Un-plug hood release harness

    • Carefully route hood release through opening and set trim piece panel aside

    • Un-clip PCM module from bracket in back of kick area (towards driver front tire)

    • Locate black 32 pin plug on PCM module

    • Unlatch and unplug black 32 pin connector from PCM module

    • Plug connector into mating black 32 pin plug on T-harness

    • Connect and latch 32 pin black plug from T-harness into PCM module where plug was removed in last step

    • Locate EIS module in driver kick (mounted to exterior wall below A pillar)

    • Unlatch and unplug 40 pin blue connector from top of EIS module

    • Connect 40 pin blue connector from EIS to mating connector on T-harness

    • Connect and latch blue 32 pin connector from T-harness to top of EIS module where plug was removed in previous step

    • Place and clip PCM module back into bracket

    • Remove battery from extra factory fob

    • Insert battery emulator from key box into battery cavity

    • IMPORTANT: When installing the key in the box, make sure that the blue insert in the key box is pushing DOWN on the UNLOCK button. The blue insert should be holding the UNLOCK button DOWN on the key when the box is closed

    • Connect white 2 pin plug from key box into port labeled ‘KEY’ on SKSNG module (labeled SMARTKEY STARTER)

    • Make sure that vehicle is in a safe place to start engine

    • Close all doors on vehicle

    • On factory key fob, hit ‘LOCK-UNLOCK-LOCK’ buttons in sequence.

    • After remote start, enter vehicle with key and place foot on the brake then press push to start button

    • Engine will quickly shut down and restart after you press the button- after that, you can shift into gear

    • Roll down driver side window

    • From outside vehicle, close and lock doors with factory key fob

    • Reach inside driver window and open door from inside handle

    • Alarm should sound (factory horn) and lights should flash

    • Press unlock on factory remote to disarm alarm

    • Mount SmartKey Starter® and SKSPCM module in secure location. Suggested location is to wiring harness in driver under dash

    • Mount all modules away from any heat sources or moving parts

    • Re-assemble vehicle in reverse order of disassembly steps

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